Pool garden Final

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This is an exterior archviz personal project.

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  • The Pool Guy is going to have to pay this place a visit to get those flower petals all cleaned up. What a beautiful day you have created!

  • Thank you all very much !
    anarchymedes you are absolutly right, I never whent all the way as to think of the conflicting seasons (by the way, it's a cherry tree). Thanks a lots for that pitpicky feedback. :)
    OOmar Domenech Very flatering comment, thx. I might think of adding wireframes or clay renders. But then I also need to fight my lasyness haha. :p

  • Looks great. When I saw the thumbnail, I thought the tree was a Frangipani, like the ones that grow here, in the Tropics – but everything else looks European. Then if the tree is apple, or cherry, or some such, it looks like the season should be the mid-spring, while the rest of the picture points at high summer: that was one thing that confused me. But never mind: it’s just me, nitpicking.

  • It looks great, I really like the flowering tree in the background, and the plants in front. The pool also looks very tranquil and inviting.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Dude great job, that is incredibly realistic. You know I got used to including the wireframes of the shots I rendered because people always told me that was a photo not a render. So if you start finding yourself in the same situation, you know what to do.