Opal Fan Art Final

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This is fan art for Opal Wantmore from the apple black manga

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Cool character, cool clothes, great texture, great lighting. Coolness everywhere. I'm not a character artist, but as a lame normal person the only thing that I notice something a bit off is on the expression of the face, feels a bit stiff somehow in that first render. Something about the eyes or the lips? Funny thing is, in the last picture with the wireframe, the expression feels so natural. Either way, it looks super awesome. That's a lot of hard work that went into it. Congrats! 🤟🏼

    • n
      Nurudeen Agbonoga(nurkage) author

      Thank you for the kind words and feedback :D I'm still working on making characters feel 'alive'!