On Gravity Waves Final

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This one was inspired by the song Adrift Beneath the Listless Waves. Unfortunately, I can't share it without doing copy-wrong by breaking many a copyright so, I'll just mention that it's been released this year (2023) in the album Air Not Meant for Us, by Fires in the Distance, and available on iTunes. Instrumental melodic Metal: very much my kind of music 😎.

And for now, I'm done with minimalism: here, I'm continuing my trend to challenge Blender to its limits (nothing works better than a subtle play of transparency for that, I noticed), as well as my Sci-Fantasy 1001-Night-in-Space line that I'd started with my Fairyblade Scimitar. 😀

UPDATE: (Yes, I know it was suposed to be Final: sorry!😉) Anyway, this version features a small change in compositing, so that those 'gravity waves' look if not more like the distortions of space-time then at least less like ripples in a puddle (hopefully); besides that, instead of a couple of wrap modifiers that originally handled the contact between the carpet and the character's body I decided to try out a fancy geo nodes setup of my own: it's subtle so, not much difference there; there is a bit of difference though, where the hologram casts a bit more light at the hand that touches it (thanks @Dostovel: and let no one say I don't listen to feedback🤣).

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  • You're able to see further than "star wars", which were inspired by already-known knowledge.
    Thanks, you made me smile and that's already a lot, you're a good guy, keep it up . All the best.
    (by the way, I don't speak a word of English, you're more perceptive than I am!) ;)

    • anarchymedes author

      Magic is but science that is too advanced for us - yet.😉 In my collection, I have both the original Alien movie (made in 1979) and Prometheus (made in 2012): I really enjoy observing how our ideas of what the future would look like have changed between these dates; like, what the future computers will look like, or the interior of a starship, or the landing on an unknown planet, and so on. So, maybe at some point someone in the distant future decides to stylise their — what? vehicle? — after some ancient fairytale, just for fun.😁

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    I'd like to think that's how scientists actually look like when they are working in the lab where they research gravity waves. The only nit pick stuff I noticed is that maybe the teal hologram light could cast more light into the character, I can see only a little tiny bit on her arm, but I think it would look cool is she was more illuminated by that light. Just a thought though. Trippy concept man 🤙

    • anarchymedes author

      The scientists research gravity waves; the Fairyblades ride them to their next adventure: just like now, there are those who design, say, F1 cars or Moto GP bikes, and those who win the races on them.😁
      That light on the character’s arm is actually not from the hologram either, but from the blue star, or whatever it is, behind her: the hologram only lights the fingers that touch it. As it is, the hologram dominates the picture, and that wasn’t what I wanted — although, for sure, it should be interacting with the other parts.
      Besides, in those Sci-Fi movies that I’ve seen, like Prometheus, or Star Wars, holograms aren’t too bright: can’t very well be used as a light source.