Oh, S#!+, It's a SHARK! Work In Progress

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I'm crazy, so, for my first modeling course I tried to do the hardest of the example sharks. What was I thinking?

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  • Adrian

    Oh, S#!+, indeed, and he looks like he has spotted his next meal.

    Excellent work, and the environment looks awesome too.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Well there's room for improvement yes, but the beauty is you can always tray again, and then try again if need be. Each time there's experience point gathered and ultimately you'll level up. The environment is great, I can easily say one of the best the shark sculpt has been presented it. The texture of the shark is also awesome, maybe the reflections are a bit smooth and shinny, they need a little surface break up. All in all is good work Paul, keep on rocking 🤟🏼