Not so human... Work In Progress

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For my second go at human wanted to try to apply everything learned to a different concept. I feel like this is pushing me in directions I didn't expect and some things just started clicking, like pore direction and skin detail buidup. Almost done with detailing and aiming to do texturing and proper grooming during next week. Excited to see where this drives me.
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  • J'attends avec impatience le travail final!

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    What a great idea for a different approach to Human. The guy is going to need a name, so for now on he shall be known as Gabe, lovingly referred to as Cookie The Gorilla.

  • ‘Out of the shadows of the cliffs moved a monstrous shambling bulk — an anthropomorphic horror, a grotesque travesty of creation.
    In general outline it was not unlike a man. But its face, limned in the bright moonlight, was bestial, with close-set ears, flaring nostrils, and a great flabby-lipped mouth in which gleamed white tusk-like fangs. It was covered with shaggy greyish hair, shot with silver which shone in the moonlight, and its great misshapen paws hung nearly to the earth. Its bulk was tremendous; as it stood on its short bowed legs, its bullet-head rose above that of the man who faced it; the sweep of the hairy breast and giant shoulders was breath-taking; the huge arms were like knotted trees.’

    From Iron Shadows in the Moon, by Robert E. Howard.

    Yes, I love many of his Conan stories: and this work instantly reminded me of his ‘grey man-apes’ that ‘dwell in the hills that border the eastern shore of the sea of Vilayet.’😁