Not Human - Blade Runner 2049 Fan Art Work In Progress

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Likeness sculpt of Ryan Gosling as Agent K from the film Blade Runner 2049 This project was completed 100% in Blender Decided to use my holiday break to finish off another realistic likeness attempt. I tried a few different techniques this time and am really happy with the results. For the skin shader I used masks to separate subdermal layers then textures in my brushes to remove layers to create the variation in the skin I really wanted to use this project to work on my texturing, some of the highlights for me were the dirt stained jumper and the rain effect visible on the top of the jacket streaking down the leather. Hair Grooming continues to be an area I get frustrated the most, manipulating the guides to give me the length and coverage just seems to be a battle and no matter how hard I tried i couldn't figure out how to get a 'wet' gel look as he wears in the film. Thanks for taking the time to check out the work and Happy New Year everyone at CGCookie.
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