(Not) a Fokker triplane Final

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I textured this plane thanks to a recorded livestream I found here. The plane was built some time ago thanks to some other tutorial. 

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Ah man I love the chibi versions of things. Such a cool and fun size, a cool mix of chibi and realistic. I specially like the nice touch of the bullet holes. And the pilot with a mustache it's just 'chef kiss'.

    • George Bierman(GSB) author

      Thanks a lot Omar! I really appreciate that you like it. One thing sort of led to another, mustache - oversized machine guns, etc. it was a lot of fun :-)

  • Adrian

    Awesome texturing, it looks very good.
    Is it your own modeling too?
    Very nice work 👍

    • George Bierman(GSB) author

      Thanks for your kind words :-) The texturing is all thanks to the live stream I watched here and yes I did all the modeling myself. The airplane was the result of this tutorial
      I also modeled the machine guns myself. I am working on a Fokker DR1 triplane and this was a kind of trial run :-) Jus ta bit of fun to see how the real one could come out