Noodle Head's UV Unwrap Work In Progress

It's been an absolute push. But blimmin' hell it feels good to see it all unwrapped and packed out. I've also been staring at a grey model for weeks now that when it came to thinking about colours I was completely stumped - but onto the next chapter!
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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Dangs what a masterpiece Harris, can't wait to see this finished 🤙

  • That’s some really high-quality UVs right here.😎👍Now let’s see the bump/normal maps applied to it.😉 Some of the parts, seeing that they’re of vastly different sizes, could perhaps benefit from an extra UV layer and the UDIM workflow, for really tiny details.

    • Harris Clook(Yeehawcowboyletsgo) author

      Thanks! I've not yet heard of the UDIM workflow. I'll have a look into it asap. I found a CGC video on YouTube that I'll watch tomorrow. It's a good few years old - is it likely that what is covered in this vid is still relevant today?

    • anarchymedes

      Sure, it’s still relevant: I’m using it in my characters that I’ve been building incrementally over many years, and they render all right in Blender 4.1.1.

    • Harris Clook(Yeehawcowboyletsgo) author

      anarchymedes Thanks heaps for the UDIM tip, I'm having a go with it now and already it looks like it'll make a massive improvement! Cheers!