Night Rider | A motorcycle story Final

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Let me introduce you to my very first Blender short film animation project! 

NightRider is actually a student project, I had to produce a motion graphics video answering to a specific problem from any brand. As a passionate motorcyclist, here it is.

Therefore, I wanted to challenge myself.
I was fascinated by the art of animation but I've always hated drawing...
Then I thought, isn't it the perfect time to learn Blender?

And damn, what a journey it was. Labour, uncountable crashes, dozens of tuts, hours of scrolling forums, entire nights of rendering, but i finally managed to go through...

The motorcycle, rider and some furnitures models are from other talented artists, but everything else is from scratch (counting shaders and some customization on these previous models).

Besides, a particular course from CG Cookie was very useful to build my outside landscape, would you guess it ?

If you wanna know more about the project, feel free to check its Behance project page.
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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Great animation there Matéo, those shots and transitions were cool, and the story telling even though simple has spirit. Awesome job. For the CG Cookie course I'm going to say The Stylized Forest?

    • Matéo Court(Woudiou) author

      Thank you! Had to keep it as simple as possible as I'm still relatively a novice... so much skills you can learn in Blender, and that's the neat point. And yeah, you guessed the course correctly!

  • Awesome, love the style and vibe. Congrats on this project.
    And of course the theme. Makes me wanna hop on my Harley and go for it, but then I look at the snow outside and naahh lol

    • Matéo Court(Woudiou) author

      You fill my heart! Some sweat and tears went through haha. Can't wait the sun's return too!