Night Reading Final

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Finally in my free time I managed to create a concept of Bella, the scottish fold cat that loves warm blankets and magic books! Truth is .....Bella is like me... or I'm like her... Well. I think this is just me as cat enjoying night time (I'm a night owl/cat lol) Fully modeled and rendered in Cycles . I have in mind of creating a series with this character. Who knows!
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  • Mary,
    That's a great kitty. I love the heterochromatic eyes, and that you decided to really stylize the cat. The tiny legs and paws in particular.

    That'd be awesome if you did a series with the cat.

    Really great lighting too!

    • Mary Fazzolari(maryshan) author

      Hey, thank you sooo much for the awesome comment! it's a pleasure to share my artworks and get some love. Happy that you appreciate the details of this cute cat! <3

  • Adrian

    This is awesome...
    Only two words...

    Staff Picked! 🏆

  • “I think this is just me as cat enjoying night time”

    I have an idea, CG Cooks: My Animal Side, how’s that for a challenge?😉 If I were to take part, for example, I’d have to create a pug in an Akubra hat (like Crocodile Dundee), enjoying tropical climes and fantasising of being a dire wolf prowling the Gondwana jungle.🤣

    • Mary Fazzolari(maryshan) author

      haha, yes, this would be really a good challenge , people could really surprise us with cool artworks :D

  • Soo fluffy! Really nice work. Definitely do a series with this fluffball.
    I'd have to agree with Omar on the lighting though, it feels a bit unbalanced.

    • Mary Fazzolari(maryshan) author

      thank you, Sascha. Yes, lighting is always hard! But will do better next time :))

  • I love her, she's so fuzzy!! And her little Tarot card and her book, so cute

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    So so good Mary. Do you mind if I point out a little super little nit pick? Maybe since the only light source is a candle apart from the moon light, the brightness and power is too much, you can kinda tell on the red blanket, it is so saturated it almost glows. The light object you have illuminating as the candle light can be toned down until it feels like the power a candle would, and maybe let the blue moon light encompass more of the scene, maybe it'll feel more cozy. Anyways, super awesome job, great idea and well implemented 🤘🏼

    • Mary Fazzolari(maryshan) author

      Hey Omar. I always appreciate good feedback! I spent alot of time on the lighting setup, and ended up adding this strong light because I felt it was always toooo dark lol. Surely the candle is glowing too much on the other hand, but.... I wanted the cutesy of the cat being shown and the fluffy chest ....I didn't want to put it too much in the dark haha, but next time will test a hundred of times more :D