Never Mind Oreo's Final

Almost a whole year as a citizen on CGCookie. Thought I would celebrate with a glass of milk and some cookies. One year ago I could make a donut, and even duplicate it for a second donut with different coloured icing. Now I can make cookies, use shader node's and understand them, add lighting (or HDRI in this case), animate cookies, render cookies, composite said rendered cookies and even use the video editing in blender to put together a short animation using all the skills. Everything has been done with Blender, no other software has been used. The only thing not made in blender is the sounds downloaded from (and the HDRI from HDRI Haven obviously). Thanks to the CGCookie crew, @theluthier , @jlampel , @waylow and of course the big cookie @wesburke and last but not least The Community, that's why I'll be here another year, to keep on improving. The inspiration for this came from a rap song I was listening to while working on the DOG, LLCoolJ's , I'm Bad, with the lyrics "so forget oreo's, eat cool j cookies" . Not sure how many of you know it , it's an oldie.
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  • Those CG Cookies remind me of cream-filled Jammie Dodgers with raspberry-flavored eyes. I'd bet someone with a 3D printer could make CG Cookie cookie cutters and make those for real.

  • Is it healthy to consume that many cookies with only 1 glass of milk?!? Well, The Bellworthy has apparently done it!

  • Funny advertisement, @adrian2301, you made me smile😊! I didn't know that you're here on CGCookie for as long as me. I thought it would be much longer given your outstanding artwork πŸ‘!

  • Wayne Dixon(waylow)

    Sure Bellsy.

    Here's a quick crit of the cookie.
    -It doesn't actually roll it slides. But you do not need to animate this by hand, Make sure you do this with drivers. (the lesson in the bootcamp is to help train your eye)
    -You can slow out more at the top of the arc after it bounces off the glass. It looks like it hits a ceiling.
    -Then make sure you really slow out when the cookie is falling over. At the moment the spacing is too fast and big at the start of that drop.

    Hope that helps!

  • adrian author

    Thanks for the comments guys Even though I don't actually know anyone personally, I feel like I have made some new friends in the community on CGCookie. Mission accomplished @theluthier
    I was expecting a more animators eye response from @waylow , was the Oreo roll and bounce up to bootcamp standards? , I learned so much from that course, I have a new admiration for animators. As with the Backhoe collaboration and the shading and lighting course @jlampel , Thanks for sharing your knowledge. πŸ‘

  • Wayne Dixon(waylow)

    Good work Bellsy.
    Keep up the learning!

  • Jonathan Lampel(jlampel)

    That's a long way to go in one year! Awesome work and I'm glad you've stuck around :D

  • Kent Trammell(theluthier)

    Happy anniversary @adrian2301! I've had the honor of spending 7 of those months with you on the backhoe project.

    You've been a top-level Citizen the whole time: Learning, applying , and improving *while* helping peers along the way. Members like you are the heart of our mission at CGC.

    You've developed serious skills and I can't wait to see what you do with them. Thanks for an amazing year, sir. It's been an absolute pleasure 🍻