Fun scene to get back into the groove of Blender. Working on lighting next.

UPDATE: I textured Nessy a bit and gave them some color.  I went with red tone to contrast the green grass.  I also did a little bit of depth of field.  You can't really tell but there's a little bit of a blur compositing.

UPDATE:  I sculpted the water and worked on the shader.  I also added a hose and water on the ground.

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    It's the Loch Ness monster chilling while everyone is looking in the lake. 😂
    Everything looks so good and realistic, yet for some reason Nessy feels like it lacks shaders? There's hardly any shadows, as if an emission node is plugged instead of Principled? I don't know if it's the water being perfectly transparent and not refracting. Anyways it looks cool 🤙

    • Ben Reichel(notcastanza) author

      Yeah the character does for sure. I think I only have two very basic shaders. It started out as a quick unplanned sketch but I think I’ll keep at this one. Thanks for the feedback Omar.

  • A Waves modifier into the water, to make sure the water and the seal in it interact? Or just sculpt the ripples, if you’d rather.

    • Ben Reichel(notcastanza) author

      I just pulled verts for the water. I’ll try both. Good opportunity to practice. Thanks