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Hey hey, been a while. Haven't had a lot of time to work on personal projects as of late, but here's one :)

Have always been a big fan of the visuals of the Borderlands games and the Tank girl comics, so I wanted to try designing something with similar vibes.

The mix of the very stylized character with the slightly more realistic materials of her equipment was a challenge to pull off. Do tell me what you think!

The gas boilers on her back are from the blenderkit asset library, which I modified and retextured. The original model was made by ''The Doctor'' (yes that is their name).

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  • This is awesome Paul !! Top work

  • Pavla Karon(pkaron)

    Hey Paul, this is so awesome! I would love to share your work on our social media, do you have FB, IG or Twitter so I can tag you?

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Dangs that is awesome, so much detail all around. You forgot to add a Thundercats vibe to your character, not only Borderlands. I have not much feedback expect maybe for the teeth, those feel like a blob of clay that has been sculpted lines on. The cigar also feels added later on Photoshop, the teeth and lips maybe should adjust to accommodate the cigar. But that is just nit picks, the whole thing looks so awesome 🤘🏼

  • Wow, obviously this character is still struggling to define their animal side, being torn between a wolf, a horse, a donkey, and, of all things, a shark.😁
    You just made my point: realism *is* hard in Blender, but to say it on any Blender forum is heresy and surely, it *cannot* be the reason why the vast majority of Blender artists switch to stylised, cartoonish, or anime-style art — but never mind that.
    And finally, here is a Darwin Awards story to which this work could’ve been an illustration:

    • Paul Rikkers(paulrikkers) author

      Ha, I love that story! That's exactly what I was going for too, something that was scrapped and welded together from multiple parts and probably not very safe to use :P

      And is pointing out that realism is hard to do really that controversial? I feel like anyone disagreeing with that has probably never really tried it (or at least not a complicated model).