My "PRESS START: Your Simple First Blender Project class" Results Final

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This is My final Render for the course mentioned in the title. I know I didn't change much at all, In fact I even went back to using "Filmic" Color Management instead of the superior "AGX" just to make sure I was able to get everything right the way the teacher had it. For my own personal projects I'm sticking with AGX from now on.
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  • Adrian

    Awesome result!
    Top job finishing the course!

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      Tim Parrish(Browneyebill) author

      Thank you very much. I'm loving the courses so far. I'm hoping for my first actual personal project to be a "Frankenstein-like resurrection Table" including 2 tesla coils on each side that I will export into unreal engine 4.5.1 to the Atlas Devkit. I want it to light up with electricity/lightning that comes from the tesla coils to shock the table when turned on. It's for an "Atlas" Mod. Atlas is an open world game that uses a very similar modified version of Unreal Engine that the game "Ark: Survival Evolved" uses. I am very dedicated to learning. Your Comment is much appreciated.