My Pothead result Final

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This was a great course, for some parts, it was challenging. It highlighted that there are some parts on which I really need to work (like enhancing my understanding of the shader nodes etc.). Thanks a lot for this great course!
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  • This is really nice. Excellent lighting. I'm doing this at the moment and one thing I notice is that the body seems relatively larger in scale and wondering if this is by choice. I've made my body bigger too (although probably not quite as big as yours) as I think it helps sell the character as more believably 'real'

    • Geoffrey ORBAN(nabro) author

      Thanks for your comment!

      For the body, yes, I played a little bit with the proportions so that I have something pleasing me.
      I also took some freedom with the modeling, for some small and specific parts, but globally I followed the tutorial pretty closely.

      I wish you a lot of fun with this project !

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Again man, super awesome job and thanks for taking the feedback into account 🤘🏼