My Lil Totoro Final

So Kairi (my Cat) turned 11 this year and I wanted to make some memorable photos of the two of us to add to my scrapbook. This first one was to mimic the bus stop scene from one of my favorite childhood film "My Neighbor Totoro". Believe it or not, Kairi actually enjoys anime, more so if there is a cat somewhere in it. You should have seen how excited she always got when I would put on Voltron haha. Any who, I made this with a combination of software and various techniques I have been practicing. The base of which was Blender and Adobe. Hopefully I will keep my motivation up and make more, but this turned out better than I could have imagined and helped prove to myself some ideas I had been mulling over for a while. If you're interested in seeing the process I used you can check out the time-lapse video I did.
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