My Knotty Pics Work In Progress

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D: I never shared these here? D: Here's some of my fun with knots

I first started doing these in 2.78 when they introduced Draw Curves, whichi really does make doing these very easy to do. Most of them are playing around with the technique and/or playing around with textures.

Most of these (and the original ideas) are knots that I learned to tie as a young scout. Some are a category known as an infinite knot (one that loops with no beginning and no end). The gold one is from a design drawn by Leonardo da Vinci without the aid of computers... and is just the flourish to the knot. The knot itself looks like a mandala.

The first one I did was the green overhand knot... That one was done days before the 2.78 release which introduced the draw curves tool. I forget if the square knot or the bowline (the two with the rope textures) was the first to be done with the draw curves tool... but after that was when I started experimenting with the different textures.

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Cool collection and cool pun title Lol. I think my favorites are the very first and the very last one, cool stuff 🤙🏼

    • Grady Pruitt(gradyp) author

      I often get a hesitant look when I first ask people I know if they want to see my knotty pictures... usually followed by an eye roll and a "I should have seen that coming" look. :D

      There's several of these I really like... the Leonardo flourish one was definitely one of the harder ones I've done. But I really like some of the "real world" textures on several.... The last one, a figure 8 knot, was trying to do a procedural gila monster texture. There's a coral snake bowline -- which the irony with that one is that a bowline is a rescue knot... being tied with a poisonous snake. One of the square knots is inspired by a scrambled rubik's cube. There's a stevedore knot with a leopard texture. And one of the textures was inspired by public bathroom tiles. I think the rope texture might have used an image base, but all the others I'm pretty sure are procedural texture experiments.

      The glass one that looks like a square knot but isn't is a thief's knot. That one and a couple of others were experiments with using the experimental adaptive subdivision and early attempts at using the displacement that actually moved the look (that only works with Cycles... so some of the ones that used EEVEE didn't have it).