Muscle Car Final

Great course, I learned a lot! It was interesting to see that the modeling started from the planes rather than from cube for example. Using the inset tool with CTRL button was a great new tip and also filling the planes with F. Definetly looking forward on taking the course where we get to animate cars!

Let me know if the image is too dark!

Edit: New image with updated terrain and lighting.

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Yes it looks too dark, definitely add a little bit of moon light. Though maybe you are going for that creepy look that it's so dark he can't see is a dead end. He can read the sign though, so maybe more moon light to see the whole scene and less light on the sign?

    • K
      Lauri Ketonen(Ketobe) author

      I appreciate your feedback! I improved the lighting but since the ground was just a plane it looked really dull as one can expect. So I decided to create a whole scene around the car. Hopefully now the lighting looks better. :)