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Fueling the Future: A 3D Motorcycle Tank Rips Through Reality, based on the art of ( gatring3 )
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  • This is a great looking bike, straight from the showroom floor, or right after the mechanic who built it applied the last coat of wax!

    I'd love to see a version of this with scratches, dings, rust, mud, and use. Any time I see treads I can't help but see a vehicle that has seen heavy use.

    Very well executed, and a cool design!

  • This vehicle is for true heroes: it doesn’t do ducking and weaving.😎 Even if its handlebars could be turned, what would happen to its track then?😉
    So, don’t waver: eyes on target, soldier!🤣 Besides, with the seat being as high as the handlebars, you’re almost safe from the enemy fire behind its fuel tank.👍