Moon Orc Final

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What a journey! I'm talking about the Human Tutorial, by Kent Tremmel.

I haven't finished it yet but I couldn't wait any longer so I started my Moon Orc head project.

It's a head and almost a full neck to a level of detail that anything beyond that would make my computer scream at me, running really slow.

I enjoy 3d graphics as a hobby, especially sculpting, and model-making. Similar to an animal mesmerized by bright light I gaze into Blenders Node Editor, I rock back and forth mesmerized trying to figure out my next move!... The Node Editor is my Achille's heel.

In this tutorial, I felt more comfortable with it because Kent would explain the reason behind using the Nodes for a specific task.

I would like to reach a point where I can remember all the steps to making a head and a body so I don't have to refer to the tutorials. I need lots of conscious practice.

Thank you for reading and looking at my images, cheers. 

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  • Kent Trammell(theluthier)

    Oooo this is looking great 👏 I love the asymmetry in the mouth and scar..your anatomic forms are very nice. I have a couple notes to offer, if you're interested:

    1. The nose is the only feature that's very smooth. Everything else is wonderfully imperfect, bumpy, organic but the nose is smooth like a bird beak. Mushing that around so it's imperfect like the rest would be more fitting imo.

    2. I would double, if not triple, the amount of vellus hairs. They will probably need their diameter halved with higher density.

    Very minor notes in the grand scheme of things. I really hope you finish this out with some clothing/armor!👀

    • e
      easyblend author

      These are excellent points, I shall attend to them.
      I will finish with clothing too.
      My apologies for misspelling your surname in the description section,I have to face the Moon Orc for punishment!

  • You sir are doing amazing work! I love the orc.

  • You've done a great job with this. Very believable!

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Oooh that last render looks amazing. The lighting on par with the materials makes it look very realistic. This is a spectacular job. Looking at him I can say he strikes me as a misunderstood orc, he doesn't want to terrorize people and thinks peace is actually a good thing, but he gets bullied by the other orcs for his crazy points of view. His name is Sander.

    • e
      easyblend author

      You're so spot on with the description of this Orc. Originally I was going to gift him with very sharp teeth but it didn't suit him. I dig the name, cheers