Modeling Fundamentals: Bust Final

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Taking Jonathan Lampel's traditional Mesh Modeling Fundamentals course. Doing my best to follow good topology to model a classic Hellenistic bust: statuesque, jaded, neutral, supple, and youthful- easy to pivot to either more masculine or feminine expression. This course was fun and challenging. I don't typically have a lot of spare time and I put the work down and revisited a a few times on and off over about a year. I want to be comfortable posting studies and works that may never be called "finished". I think the bust lesson was a nice primer to inspire me to work up to Kent's Human course, but I still have a lot of fundamentals I want to check off (but at a much faster pace).

And of course, as a phase 2 project, it would be fun to sculpt-model the hair and finer details as well as tilt/pose the head (add imperfections etc). 

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