Military accessories Final

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  • You may well compete with this Blender Market product:
    As for the backpack, if it’s empty, it should probably be flatter and more wrinkled; and if it’s fully packed, it should show some vestiges of the shapes of whatever it holds: right now, it looks just blown out, like a balloon or a tyre.

  • OK this is lovely. Is the stitching modelled or just a bump map?
    If I'm being super picky there's only 2 things that seem obviously off and could be improved
    1. the zips - there's not enough detail and depth to them when compared to other details. They need stitched hems and to be inset down
    2. the overall bag is too perfectly inflated... it doesn't sag and strain like it's actually full of kit

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    You know what I'm going to comment at this point Pavel. Let me google synonyms for awesome... amazing · astonishing · astounding · magnificent.