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This one of my many old unfinished models. am amazed at how convoluted my modeling was. It has been fun reworking this model. The red car is the original.

To do list-remodel tires, finish the interior of the cab. Texturing, scene set up and rendering 

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  • amazing!! how long have you been doing this?!?!

    • pressman author

      Started with a now defunct (Electric Image) program using ACIS as the core for modeling. This was pre 1998. ACIS was dropped for Electric Image due to cost of the ACIS licensing. Looking for a replacement I came across Blender and it was free. Completely different modeling approach and a steep learning curve.
      Long answer to a short question, so I had to do a little research. Had I been serious back then no telling where my skill set would be.
      Today with all the great tutorials available on cookies one could blast past where I am in several months.

  • Looks great— which is as it should be, with the sensible topology it shows on the wireframe shot. Sure, I admire the patience required for sculpting, but I’ll take this over it any time.👍

  • This looks great! So many little details to look at and enjoy - I especially like the radiator grill and headlight covers 👌
    About the rivets, you might be able to make a new empty at the world origin, duplicate all the rivets you want to mirror, parent them to the new empty you made, then scale the empty -1 across the x-axis presumably. Hopefully all the duplicate rivets should mirror then?

    • pressman author

      Thanks for positive comment.
      Problem solved, operator error.
      joined object, then mirrored

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    You have it practically finished and it's still looking awesome compared to last time, which means there's little to be done at this point. The red one looks like a photo.

    • pressman author

      Thanks, its fun to go back to old projects and see if you can do better. In this case I never did a proper set of tires are finished the interior. But did I add snaps for the cockpit cover by using snaping and "alt d" to duplicate and move each rivet to snap in place on a curve surface, in order to do this i had to move the origin to the object. Now I can't mirror to other side because the origin is at the object not the world center. I am sure there is away to do this.