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Meet Uno - the new friendly recon assistant, fitted with top of the range equipment, including a broad-spectrum transmitter/receiver, telescopic and macro lens cameras, producing 4K images, an in-built hi sensitivity microphone with automated noise cancellation, off-road capabilities, all self controlled by state-of-the-art ai 😁

This mini project is the result of following a YouTube tutorial by @beyondblender. I learned a few new modelling tricks, whilst also recognising where I have gaps in my own knowledge, (specifically shading/texturing).  Once these gaps have been filled though, there are already ideas for Uno's 'downgrade' (he hasn't yet left the showroom, he needs "life experience"). 

--- Modelled, shaded and rendered all in Blender 3.6. Next up is rigging...

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  • Very cool, he looks like a hot rod with that paint job.

  • Thank you guys for the very kind comments! They're much appreciated 😊

  • Adrian

    Numero Uno!
    Staff Picked! 🏆

  • This looks extremely awesome. Lovely detail and consistent styling of all the components, the beautiful grills and chrome are just gorgeous. It really has character and love in it :)

    One very slight thing, that rubber tube won't be able to support and control the weight of Uno's head. It would need to be either a fixed piece of metal or have some reinforcement.

    • John-Michael Allison(jmallisononline) author

      Thank you for the comment, I really appreciate it! I can't take credit for the original design, that belongs to Theo, but the thought of more support for Uno's head did cross my mind. I'm brainstorming a couple of ideas that could be implemented when it comes time to rig, but I don't want to stray too far from the original as the shape is so appealing. (I think maybe if he was given a little bit of a rough-up, the tubing would be damaged and expose an interior mechanical support 🤔).

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Super excellent job. And bets of all you gave him a name. I bet Adrian will staff pick it.

  • Wow! Great work and concept! You've really raised the bar, Excellent modeling, the shading/textures and lighting are really good. I really love this!