Matsuri scene build: Tako Yaki (たこ焼き) Work In Progress

Who does not like tako yaki? ....... Ok... maybe some people out there don't like chewing on fried octopus balls. But if you have ever been to a Japanese festival you would surely see this at some point. (They are delicious btw) This is part of a work-in-progress on a matsuri (祭り) scene build which I don't know if I will ever finish. The tako yaki texture is completely procedural. No images involved. This project is helping me get a better understanding of nodes and what they can do. Im still trying to work out a perfect procedural fried dough look... Feel free to share some ideas? More on the matsuri scene build later.
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  • Give the balls a glossy shader, so that they'll look more like they've been deep fried, and not look so diffused.

    Also, consider adding steam to the takoyaki, to give the impression that they've just been freshly cooked.
    Finally, I would suggest adding more realism to the external areas. Such as beveling the platform that the takoyaki are sitting on.

    Other than that, this is a really good render, you should be happy with your progress so far.