M.M.A. Bots Work In Progress

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Just making a sketch type thing from an idea while practicing sub-d modeling etc. This was basically from practicing to make a min i lantern I have, pics included. I want to practice modeling mech's so I embellished a bit. I know it's kind of rough, I still need more practice with rendering and making a composition but slowly bit by bit I hope I'm moving along.

Basically small robot type AI fighting bots Mini Mobile Autonomous Bots These are in the peewee division, about the size (height wise anyway) of a can of pop, when sitting. There is also weapons, lights to add, inside so when the lid opens all kinds of weapons, lights, etc can be added. Kinda llike the Battle Bots idea but without the person in control

I'm fitting these small things in between courses/tutorials, I've got long, long way to go yet, lol, it's fun though! I feel like a kid again, lol.

If you notice the mini plasma canon backing is from a technique I learned from Kent's mailbox course. It's an older course but many of them are still great and valid in learning a lot.


EDIT: I failed to notice I had the lights render turned off. It was just HDRI lighting. I added ther updated renders at the bottom of the pics

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  • These look incredible! I love little robots so much; they look like adorable little companions. I think that the worn look in the textures adds so much character.

  • “ Mini Mobile Autonomous” bots, are they? I was wandering what MMA stood for, in this context: somehow, at a glance, they looked too cute for fighting machines to me.😉😁. More like “Mobile Multimedia Actuator,” or some such: something the space explorers take with them to enjoy the favourite movies in holo, while out of the streaming services’ range. 😉👍

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Brad you just leveled up a boss fight, this is a really cool project, great idea and execution. As you are aware, it can be leveled up a bit more in the presentation and composition category, but that will come with more and more practice. It's an awesome hard-surface model with awesome texturing work 🤘🏼