LV-426 Final


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  • dnunez, you got the dust effect in front of your characters and rover, nice!

    Edit: It's also good to see the cover picture in the gallery!

    It's a little tricky to get a handle on the perspective you're using. It's like it's way flattened out. You moved the man in front, or the vehicle, just a little, and it looks like he nearly doubled in size.

    The guy in the back looks better now, but it's relatively flat. By his size he's a ways away, but it almost looks like he's only a car width or two from the vehicle.

    I do like to position of the background mountains better in this new alignment.

    • dnunez author

      Yes, i think I have reach my limit...sometimes( after months ) when you catch more experience you have a different eye on this...will be interesting to redo the same image few months later.

  • That looks really cool. Love the manned mars rover look.

    dnunez, I'd choose a project cover so more people can see what this is.

    One nit: the scaling between the standing man and the kneeling man looks off. I'd guess the kneeling man is more in line with the size of the rover.

  • Wow, nice composition. Just lovin' it.