Luxury Living Room (day version) Final

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I wanted to do an interior render and went for this high ceiling luxurous living-room.
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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Mr. Yves with another great architectural render. Great result as always. Very fancy, good lighting and I'm liking the Ying Yang symbol on the wall,

    • Yves Perera(shinsaku) author

      Mr Omar, always there with a nice comment to give.
      It's very much appreciated thx a lot. :)

  • Technically, I'd say it doesn't get any better than this: the render is excellent.
    But I'm wondering, does anyone really live in such places? A luxurious living-room on the ground floor, with the entire front wall made of glass? Here, where I live now, it wouldn't have stood through a single night -- except that if you kick that glass carelessly, a heavy shard may fall down on you and act as a guillotine knife so, you'd better use a rock -- or a car 🤣.

    • Yves Perera(shinsaku) author

      Hahaha, think of it as strong reinforced glass. But then, indeed, you would preferably not want kids to come and play ball next to it. XD