Low Poly Room Project Final Final

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This project sent me on a rabbit hole of looking at notes I took, google searches, watching videos, and pacing back and forth my room looking at what I have.

But it's finished. This is loosely based off my room. I thought about what I would have if I was a kid again with nothing but time to play video games all day (not much just a console and a TV). Thought about Kingdom Hearts along the way so I placed a little screen there.

Lighting I went through different setups and finally went with a sunset look as I thought that looked nice the most and finished with a night setup (Restless nights playing the vidya).

This was fun to do every step of the way even the frustrating moments I had getting things together.

Feedback good and bad Welcomed!

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Looking great. The nostalgia in me has been stirred looking at Kingdom Hearts, used to love it as a little kid. Now I look at it and I'm like what was I thinking, that game is so freaking confusing Lol. It was great back then nonetheless.