Low-poly Room Challenge Final

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All was good, in Render-ville...
Until a mysterious tentacle monster decided to crash (my) Blender moments before auto-save. :((

Rest in peace, dear mysterious tentacle. I shall never forget those fateful moments we've spent together as I tried to figure out how to rotate and extrude you.

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Maybe he is a day monster who likes light, that's why he had the flashlight on during the day and when the night crept in, he went into his drawer hideout, released the flashlight in a hurry and it's now on the floor. And there's your night scene. I mean what do day monsters who live in drawers know anyways, but they can teach us one thing, always have your fingers in the Control + S position.

  • A very soothing palette, love it! But that 90s era computer may have something to do with the crash :)

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Sounds like your tentacle friend betrayed you and crashed your Blender. But I think I can see him coming out of the drawer there, so he survived. Still the scene turned out great, very appealing, and nice soft feel to it. I see the flashlight is on but you can barely tell. You can do a night version for that one.

    • o
      orchalon author

      That is a good idea! The unfortunate part is that I would have to re-make the tentacle friend and a few other tweaks as those did not survive. I took the render, then the program crashed for me. :))

  • I like the style and look of the room and layout, it's a nice clean and crisp model and I love the colors.