Low Poly Muscle Car Final

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Muscle Car Result
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  • Wow, love your work on the REV course. I really liked that course. Your animation is cool and well done. Did you use a Irradiance Volume? The lighting came out pretty good ad it looks like a minimum of lights as well, I can pick up some tips from you here.

    • Daniel Yudistira(eksldpf) author

      Yes, it is an interesting course.
      Glad you enjoyed my result of the course.

      No, I didn't use Irradiance Volume.
      As for the lighting, I started by zeroing the strength in world properties and then disabled all the lighting to make the scene completely dark.
      After that, I added lighting one by one, playing with one light at a time.
      Finally, I played around with the compositing.
      That's how I did it, if you can call it as a tips. 😄

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Great result from the course Daniel, you even took it a step farther and made an animation. Which somehow reminded me of two things and I don't know why. First the YouTube movie Kung Fury and second the Show Me How To live video from Audioslave.

    • Daniel Yudistira(eksldpf) author

      Thanks for the response Omar :D

      It's interesting that it reminded you of those videos. Just searched it.
      I guess the vibe kinda similar since the model is a muscle car identical with the 80ish style.
      I take it as a compliment, as those are cool references! 🤜🤛