Long Way for a Dad Joke Final

After the "Press Start" Tutorial I wanted to practice modeling something from a 2d reference. I ended up making a simplified light saber handle from some plans I found on a fan site -- it's Luke's from ROTJ. And then I had the idea of making it goofy.

Text animation idea is from a Kaizen Tutorial (

The life savers candy is a simple torus that I flattened the inside and outsides of. It's animated with geometry nodes. The material is based on a candy shader I found online, but I mixed in volume and surface emission where the intensity is driven by a 2D noise texture. For the X I use a per-instance random value, and for the Y, I use the frame number. I played with the scale until the flicker looked good.

Here's the animated version, Youtube insists on calling it a Short. (Which, fair enough.)

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