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Hey guys! Really need help/opinion on this one. Haven't been here in a long time but have been working a lot on new projects! Hit me up on IG @rafa.theartist and let's support each other! This is a work in progress, and my first time animating anything. Once it's done I'll post clay version and the checkerboard version when I'm done πŸ™Œ But for now I really wanted you guys opinion on how I can make this animation more realistic. Something about the slower blinking at the end isn't sitting right with me. So I did the blinking with shapekeys, and I have a multi res mesh. But that's preventing me from sculpting the eyes closed higher subdivision levels, without affecting the base mesh. I'm thinking my problem is when the eyes go down the skin doesn't get "softer" or don't stretch the wrinkles out, making the skin looking more static than it should be?! I don't know if I'm just overthinking. Let me know what you guys think? Thank you!
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  • This is so beautiful!

    I agree that the slow blinking seems oddly timed. One other thing that stuck out as uncanny was when the butterfly lands, there's not a reaction movement. The face is so still I though the animation was over

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      Rafael Pedroso(next.rafareels) author

      Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm taking this into consideration for my next render! Thank you so much.

  • I've got a buddy that works as an animator at a studio here in town. Something that he does (and many other animators too.) while he's working is to film himself to use as a reference to catch the minute, or natural and unintentional movements.

    I reckon take a quick video of yourself trying to shake something off your face. Even stick a bit of tape between your eyebrows. Then watch it back and pay attention to the different parts of your face to see how they move (ie your eyebrows, nose, mouth etc).

    But certainly a great start so far, keep it up! 🀘

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      Rafael Pedroso(next.rafareels) author

      That’s awesome and probably the key i needed to make it work! Ill probably spend the rest of the week recording and comparing. I appreciate that immensely!!!

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    That looks great, feels super realistic. Yes the animation gives it away, not natural enough. But you are tackling the holy grail, the difficulties of difficulties, to leap over the uncanny valley, that is hard stuff man. That is going to be lots and lots of practice until your brain gets trained into seeing the super little minute details. So I guess just try and try over and over, each try is a little more experience points for leveling up.

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      Rafael Pedroso(next.rafareels) author

      Thank you!!! You're right. I'll keep testing different things. And I appreciate you.
      Have put around 200 hours on this project, and it's been all about the little details. I'll give some rest and come back to it with a fresh mind