Kitchen Practice Final

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Using floorplans to create the walls and windows. Filling the scene with assets, and render with different passes. I learned to separate objects, add aditional gloss to specific objects, and composit the result together. Also changing the hue of the floor is easy. Tested global illumination, woks really well on interiors, much more light to come in a scene. In outdoor scenes it is not so relevant, amlost same rendertime.
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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Killing it as always Tobias. I did see a little nit pick for the first time on one of your renders, those little black threads from which the lamps are hanging, they feel so thin and barely touching the ceiling that they feel floaty. Maybe a small piece that anchors them to the ceiling can make a difference. Again nit pick, everything looks so nice and well lit.

    • Tobias Schmid(benkroft) author

      Hehe thought about that, but i forgot seconds later and was too lazy...
      But good catch, i see you have your eyes on my work.