Kaijuu Havoc Final

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Here I am now, with the final project after the third and final term at CG Spectrum!

This time around I decided to just wait until I had finished the whole project and scene, rather than do weekly updates ^^

Had a lot of fun with it, except for making the tall buildings lol. They were actually quite boring since they lack any kind of "character" and details that make them stand out, as compared to the cute little donut shop in the background! But then again, what's to expect from props that aren't really supposed to be much of an eye-catcher in a havoc-wrecked scene like this - where the buildings are just collateral damage :P

Again, I had a surprising amount of fun sculpting the kaijuu and learned even more about ZBrush! Though I don't think I'll ever get fully comfortable with the UI, controls or how to move vertices and make changes to a mesh other than sculpting on it X)

Anyways that wraps it ups, next time I upload something here it'll be stuff for the portfolio that I'll now be working on - hoping to land a job in a near future! ^^

The tall buildings were partially made in Maya, partially ZBrush - to get a feel for working on hard-surface in ZBrush as well. The kaijuu was sculpted in ZBrush, with the low poly retopology done in Maya, as was the ground and scenery. All the texturing was done in Substance Painter.

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  • Reminds me of DOOM Eternal.😉

    • ConraDargo author

      Yeah you’re right, now that you mention it! Monster Hunter is what I’m thinking of, as a Hunter myself 😁

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Looking cool. No one names their creatures and it always falls on me. I assume the title is because the Kaiju is causing havoc, but maybe he is called Havoc and the title is alluding to him. He is Kaiju Havoc. Keep on working cool stuff man 🤙

    • ConraDargo author

      Oooh I like that, Havoc the Kaijuu! Could totally be a Japanese thing where you write the name in kanji, using the letters for tremor, havoc and/or turmoil ^^ Thank you for following along and all the comments! <3