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Juri, from the Street Fighter series!

I feel I still struggle a lot more with stylized stuff than realism, though I do enjoy both. I purposely avoided adding many normal map details (except for the hair and some of the outfit), and kept the textures pretty simple, just focussing on the silhouette and anatomy.

I originally modeled her in an A-pose, then used Mixamo for the rigging and posing. Surprisingly it actually did a really solid job with the automatic weighting, so I only had to do some tweaking in the problem areas (damn wrists)

Still a massive time saver though!

The cell shaded animation at the bottom was done in eevee as a little extra. I didn't really  create it with that look in mind but it looks pretty neat regardless.

Anyway, I hope you like it

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  • A small thing, but her eyes look crossed—like, she’s staring at the bridge of her nose. That should only happen to a street fighter who celebrates a hard-won victory a bit too hard.😉

    • Paul Rikkers(paulrikkers) author

      It amazes me how I can stare at a project for hours while making it and still overlook something so simple! It's pretty minor, but still, guess I'm a little cross-eyed myself :P

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Your character looks great Paul. Cool art style and cell shading look as you said. You even painted her nails, nice touch.