Industrial Environment course Work In Progress

Some renders from @theluthier Industrial Environment course. I modified the layout somewhat and scaled it down a bit. Was very helpful for getting to grips with managing large numbers of props.
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  • Thanks for your comments @theluthier, much appreciated. It's a work in progress so yeah the snowman will have to go! And thanks for the course, I have been learning tonnes!

  • Kent Trammell(theluthier)

    Excellent result @echobeach! I applaud your unique room shape and prop population. Applying course material in your own way is the best evidence that you really understand the concepts/workflow.

    The color grading is distinct - perhaps some would say it's heavy-handed - but I like it a lot! It's got a cinematic vibe to it.

    Overall, very well done! My only critique is to remove that mannequin ASAP! He's an eye-sore :)

  • Thank guys. Apart from a slight vignette in the compositor these are straight renders. The lighting is dead simple but there is a bit of juicing the colours using the absorption colour in the fog volumetrics - as the camera moves back you can see a magenta cast appearing.

  • The lighting does look good!

  • Dayum! That's amazing lighting skills.