Industrial Enviromental Final

Well Kent, what can I say? Thank you for the Tutorials you come up with. I have to confess that I underestimated this (and other) Tutorials. When I first saw this Course, I thought “I can do that….” I can make Columns and Pipes just squeeze some Cubes and pull on some cylinders....... then I started it and was hit by frustration because I overestimated myself (totally). A tutorial like this thought me how to organize the Objects, think ahead of what you are doing. My first try was over 500 MB which is big and takes a while when opening. The Irradiance Volume Lightning took ages to bake. (2 hours and longer) I realised that I had to start over again and with a resolution of x/y/z 25/25/5 the Volume Lightning was only 9 min and 42 MB. What a huge difference with a resolution of 35/35/6 it was 15 minutes and 45 MB and by 40/40/7 it was 24 Minutes and only 62 MB. I don't know what went wrong the first place and why it was 500 MB The second time I started this Course it was after all only 116 MB. After all I learned more than the Course promised and realised that I have to organize my learning process. Thank you, Kent, you brought me to my knees with this course... 😂 of which I thought it was so easy. BTW…After rendering I was still not satisfied with the result, no matter where I screwed around... This was my best result. Regards, thank you
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  • @masta Excellent work 😀👍! The metal protection at the base of some of the columns as well as the surveillance cams are truely orginal and well modeled additions to your version of Kent's industrial environment 👍!

  • You should be pleased with this result , I like the metal grate around the columns. I think the volume effect needs a gradient on the density, less dense near the camera getting denser further away.
    Good work 👍