Industrial Drift Final

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This is my take on the Industrial environment in Eevee by @theluthier, it all scalated bit by bit, and this is where I got :)

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    You're right as in is too much extra work just for this small project, it is well beyond the scope of the practice. But yeah, you're interested in VFX, I'm sure you are going to go into simulations and do things like a water puddle splashing sooner or later. I believe in the CG Cookie YouTube there are a couple of tutorials about water puddles and fluid sims. I would do as you said, a canvas for the water ripples, a proxy tire as a brush and maybe an animated wet map for the extension of the puddle when the tire goes over it. I can see this already cooking in your brain and you're going to give it a try.

    You can do a short VFX shot of just that, a realistic water puddle where a car goes over it. Maybe it's raining, some nice reflections of a city on a wet ground, wet asphalt, etc.

    • Martin Aversa(cgtin) author

      I'll check the YT channel, thanks for the tips!
      Oh boy, yeah that sounds like a cool project ;) I'll cook something like that in the near future for sure!

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    That is an awesome implementation of the course. Love the gritty security camera footage feel. That person should drive responsibly though. The only thing that is missing, but I mean I know is beyond the scope of what you wanted to achieve, is if the water splashes after the car runs over it. A goal to keep in mind for next time. Awesome work man.

    • Martin Aversa(cgtin) author

      Thanks, it ended up looking quite nice :)
      Yeah, I thought about that too, but I was already doing so much more for I course I originally wanted to take a day or two for (actually took 4 days he).
      But the main reason is: I don't know how. It would take some researching and experimentation that I would rather do on a standalone/practice file until I got it right.
      The water puddles here are part of the floor's shader, would you achieve water splashes using that as a canvas and the car as a brush? or would you actually simulate fluids? I guess you need a particle emitter for 3d splashes too

  • Adrian

    Hey! you nearly had me fooled,
    I realised it wasn't real cos the time stopped at 00:00:10
    Excellent work Martin.

    • Martin Aversa(cgtin) author

      Thanks a lot!
      Oooh nooo hahaha I didn't notice that! Well well, lesson learned for the next one