Skillset animmation WIP#6 Work In Progress

10-7-2022 (EU).

See Introduction WIP#6

Edit: 18-8-2022: I've added some explosions and scaling animations
Edit: 26-10-2022: Added WIP #4 Roughly 75% complete
Edit: 10-12-2022: WIP#5 minor improvements, shortened the video
Edit: 21-3-2022: WIP#6 Added skilleffects, an actual background, text corrections, and dymanic text using geometry nodes.

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Your skill set is beyond most of us for sure, that looked very technical. It's awesome when the stuff you do baffles others. Happens to me when people see me doing 3D and they're like wow dude how do you even do that? Well, now I know how they feel. Awesome work GroundBirdie, and awesome username.

    • CG GroundBirdie(groundbird) author

      Wow, thank you Omar. You are one with a lot of experience yourself wich adds al lot of weight into your response. Even then you are amazed. Thanks!
      Its just a maze of drivers really. Mostly distributed among, what i dubbed "Property empty's". Every AoE can dynamically changed with fiddling with some values. Before this project i had no experience with drivers, but they are great and i also use them to control the moment of when objects are rendered, like the text for example.

      (i changed the project status to work in progress (it wasn't displayed correctly)).