Husky Work In Progress

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Am I in the right track here? I really struggle with how to began to model the husky and its my first time i modeling a animal. it took my all day to get to this point
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  • Thanks Omar for the Advice! and thank you as well Michael! I will keep working hard! till I will master!

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Yes, you're doing fine, it's in the right track. But don't be afraid to make mistakes, chances are you'll butcher it all up and make a mess before it starts to go well. So just go for it and if it turns out wrong, just start again and eventually you'll do it perfectly. That's how it goes, it's the trial by fire everyone has to go through.

    • MichaelJoseph

      I love this advice. I've also found this to be true; just let yourself screw it up as much as necessary in order to learn. It's the heroes journey of the artist.

      Regarding the work though, it's looking awesome! Keep it up!