Hotel de ville de Calais - Townhall of Calais Final

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Here is my rendition of the Townhall of Calais.

The building is modeled in Blender and render in cycles. Characters are made using Affinity Designer

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  • I love the cartoon effect, so well integrated and executed! I don't know what they are celebrating, but instantly want to be part of it!

    • Thibault Caradec(otowa) author

      Thank you.
      It's an imaginary party based on the colors of my town. I call it "La Bleue-Blanche" in my head. Who knows, maybe people will want it to become a real thing after seeing that?

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Still so incredible great. I just thought, you only make one render after all that work. You can make other renders from different vantage points and get the most out of your scene and super detailed model.

    • Thibault Caradec(otowa) author

      Thank you. I will use each model for several projects (You've seen on Discord how I'm re-using my lighthouse model right now).

      I make one main render for the prints I'll sell. (This one may not be exactly final to be fair).

      The thing is, characters and background are drawn specifically for that vantage point, so I can't multiply the renders in indefinite positions because I can't have the time to redraw a foreground and background.