HIM & Graveyard Final

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The king of darkness, "HIM" from the Power Puff Girls. Also made something related to halloween stylized environment including theme related elements.
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  • Adrian

    Hey aastatine24 very nice work
    Is this an entry into the SESSIONS: Hallowe'en challenge?
    I sort of get a feel for the graphic landscape session with the third image.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    For a second there I thought the red guy was the boss from Hollow Knight, the circus troupe master. I never was able to beat him. I love the shading on the roof of the house, feels a mix of stylized with reality and the texture stone on the ground is superb also, the way the light from the pumpkins interact with the material is delicious. The volumetrics can use a bit of love, feels like it was the last thing you worked on and at that point it's like I'm too tired, I'll just slap a generic noise texture Lol. Just a nit pick, it's all awesome stuff 🤘