Hezrou - Dungeons and Dragons Final

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I want to start to sculpt some of Dungeons & Dragons Monsters from the Monster Compendium as sculpting practice :)

First off: Here´s the Hezrou

I must say, sculpting is the part I enjoy most when it comes to 3D <3

You can download the STL file for free on my Cults3D page if you want to print him! I hope you like it!

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  • Nice work! I have to agree, sculpting is my favorite part of working in 3D. Strange that organic shapes come more naturally to me.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Awesome sculpt Fide, that's a cool creature. And you're posing him, for those who say the pose brushes don't work. Loving the gray with orange lighting. I don't know if it's a compositing thing, but I like the edge white detection you got going on, as if when you turn on cavity in the viewport. Awesome model presentation. 🤘

    • Ingrid Frank(Fide) author

      Thank you, Omar! :D
      Uhm.. I´m not using the pose brush though. I rigged the model :)
      Yeah, I needed some color scheme, which goes well with my artist name. Orange rim light seemed pretty fitting.

  • I've always admired digital sculptors, because with me, it's just the opposite: I use only a touch of sculpting to supplement everything else, and only if I can't avoid this. For example, the patience that's required to sculpt this little monster from scratch is perfectly alien to me and as such, is beyond my comprehension 🧘. Here is the only digital sculpture I've ever made in my life -- and even that drove me so nuts that I couldn't finish retopologising it, lest I put my fist through my monitor! 😆

    • Ingrid Frank(Fide) author

      For me, hard surface modelling can be a challenge at times. Sometimes, I can´t wrap my head around how certain objects are made and it takes me quiet some time to figure it out.
      As for sculpting.. I enjoyed making stuff with play-dohand clay, when I was a kid/ teenager. Maybe this helped? :D
      Your Maori carving looks good though! You replicated your reference pretty well