Haunted Museum Final

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My final submission for the Halloween Sessions challenge, a haunted museum! Plus a Halloween message at the end, since I had some extra time. 👻

The museum exhibits are all things I made for the other Sessions challenges.

There was a conveniently timed CGCookie newsletter a while back with a tip for quick smoke simulation, so I put that to good use here.

I was worried this project would take me outside the scope of 'quick' sessions project, but I think I kept it simple enough to recreate in 3 hours. It took me longer this time, because I haven't finished the fundamentals of animation yet so I spent a lot of time figuring out the and bolts there.

This challenge was so much fun to do, I'm really glad I had time to participate in this. Also, Sessions is awesome, I can't wait for Macro. Happy Halloween!

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Job well done turning it into a spooky scene man. At the end I was left wondering, how did he do that gooey green text?

    • comn author


      I animated a noise texture changing in the “down” direction for location (I don’t remember if it was x or y or z)