Happy Jedi survivor day Final

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In honour of The release of Jedi survivor here’s an old hard surface model of everyone’s favourite droid BD1
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  • Depth of field would help, otherwise the model looks great.

  • This is an awesome droid! Nicely done!

    • d
      Danny Hunt(dannyj2k) author

      Thanks, I remember it was a toss up between BD1 or Metal Gear MK2 at the time. Glad I went with this one though

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    I don't know what Jedi Survivor is but now I'll look it up. Your render gave me Star Wars vibe right away, so you nailed the look and feel. The character model looks awesome. I think the only feedback I'd give is that the background is so perfectly in focus that the character gets lost a bit. Some depth of field would go a long way. 🤟🏼

    • d
      Danny Hunt(dannyj2k) author

      Thanks Omar, this is an old render i did some years ago and the blend file is long gone so no changing it now but you are totally right.