Happiness Is A Warm Gun.... Final

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Finished the Revolver for the Mesh Modelling Bootcamp.

Great instructions in hard surface, topology and subdivision surface modifier. I had to repeat the videos many times and do things over many times and still didn't come out as good as Jonathan's who was doing it more off the cuff. He makes it look so easy, lol.

I'm experimenting with basic materials and lighting, still got to get to the Fundamental courses yet, as you can tell. 8^]

The flaws are really revealed in the pics when posted here. I see several things I should go back and fix but will leave as is. I think I will start private posting just for my own checking, I see things here I don't on my pesky wheeler dealer monitors. 8^]

Update: I decided to go and fix somethings and try to improve lighting. I posted the results in the top 3 new pics for comparison. I'm still not satisfied, lost something without gaining much, lol.

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    It's looking good. There are some hard and tricky parts to model on that revolver, you should be proud, you're advancing rapidly Brad. Keep on working man 🤙