Green Beetle Bot Work In Progress

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I wanted to attempt to get the green beetle shell close to the actual thing. I think I got pretty close. I think the rust texture needs to be visibly rougher and not as highly detailed. It's so fine it just looks red. I'm also messing with rigging it. The outer shell is rigged, and I may give it wings.
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  • wardred author

    Just added a couple animation tests.

    I have an idea for an animation with all the insects.

    2 more from the tutorial, and maybe 1 of my own.

  • wardred author

    Just added a video.

    The wings mostly unfurl properly!

    Now to fix the legs. Then to get an animation of this little guy going!

    Edit: With very reflective things, like wings, it's incredibly important to get the rings of your connecting bones right. There are a couple places where I "cheated" because the rings were a bit rotated, and it really shows up on the surface.

  • wardred author

    It's difficult to see, but I'm adding the Beetle's interior wings. Originally I had the wing skeleton and wing skin as two separate objects, but I want to animate it so I'm making them one object. I want to get the wings to fold at least approximately appropriately under the outer shell.

  • wardred author

    I've been playing with rigging the bug bot.

    Whew, there are a lot of parts to create vertex groups for!

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Nice work in progress. You can call it The Green Great Bootle.

    • wardred author

      Thank you Omar!

      I added Blenders Forest.exr just for some more interesting color, and did the red Beetle too. Gotta get to the components!