GLOCK 19 Gen5 Final

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Really wanted to try modeling a normal gun, and I found this GLOCK 19 Gen5 to be pretty cool-looking, with a decent amount of detail going on too. Figured that I'll be creating some kind of modern weapons sooner or later, for one project or another, so I might as well get some practice and see how it's done! ;)

Made in Maya, textured in Substance 3D Painter, rendered in Arnold.
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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Looking good I'd say. There are some error here and there, surface wobble, pinching, jagged edges, mostly located in the lower part of the model, by the trigger. It's nothing that can't be fixed though, hardsurface is challenging. Still it looks quite good, the texturing job is great. Keep it awesome. 🤘

    • ConraDargo author

      THANK you for the feedback! I really need to be better at spotting details, now that I really look at it I see so many small mistakes - especially with the low poly mesh! Tidied up some of the jaggedness now real quickly, but I can definitely do much more with it (unevenness on some parts of the textures especially, always confusing when there's such a different result in Substance Painter!).

      Again a big thanks for pointing this out to me, I really was too stressed with finishing and uploading some sort of final renders to my portfolio.