GIF(t) Challenge Part 1 (Christmas). - Simple Snowman Final

Going for a simple look that would make you smile. I knew nothing about gifs or their limitations at the start of this, so it was interesting. Doing something simple was also harder than I thought. A. longer animation got jumpy and if there was a lot of small detail I was afraid it would get lost. Doing something totally different for part2. Thanks for doing these definitely trying things I wouldn't have.
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  • Kent Trammell(theluthier)

    Great job, Tanya! Perfectly festive and appropriate for 2021 👏

  • .
    Very nice Tanya.
    Good idea to keep it simple,
    I love the carrot nose action.
    Thanks for taking part,
    I'm happy you are trying things you wouldn't normally.
    My Christmas wish for you and all the other entrants is to have some fun and learn new things.